"The JEN Associates"

Meet Joanne and Terry

Joanne Nistico’s journey in Shaklee began in 1973, when she was studying to be a special education teacher.  While taking a yoga class, her instructor introduced her to Shaklee products.  She began using them herself and noticed an incredible improvement in her health.  She became more energetic.  She felt stronger. She was happier.

about_family_picLater, as a yoga instructor herself, Joanne frequently shared her passion for Shaklee products with her own students.  It wasn’t long before she decided to distribute the products on a small-scale basis, just to make an extra $50 a week.  Little did she know that this move would literally change her life and future direction.

“When you find something that you really believe in, all you want to do is tell others about it,” Joanne says.  “Shaklee products brought me back to life again.  I was always looking for someone interested in hearing my story.  The rest just came together from that.”

Looking Back

Joanne would never have guessed that her initial discovery of the Shaklee difference in her own health would launch a career that has made her one of the top Shaklee affiliates in the country.  She is still just as passionate about helping others through Shaklee products and the opportunities they offer for home-based businesses.

“Shaklee is a great company with terrific products,” she boasts.  “I’m the kind of person that needs to know that what I do makes life better for other people – the Golden Rule.  That’s easy with this company and these products.”

At first, Terry Coakley was just one of Joanne’s aboutus_pink_flowercustomers, a successful corporate business executive who was suffering horribly with respiratory allergies.  All his life he had tried one prescription or over-the-counter medication after another trying to find relief.  When Terry met Joanne Nistico, she shared with him an all-natural Shaklee product she said would help him with his allergies.

“I was amazed at the results,” he says.  “This light went on and I knew right away that for most of my life I’d only been treating the symptoms.  Within days I felt completely different using something completely natural.  I not only got relief from my allergy symptoms, I was cured.  I still take it, and I haven’t suffered a day with allergies since.”

As Joanne and Terry grew more acquainted, Joanne saw an opportunity to get some helpful advice from this experienced businessman.  Terry had a 25-year history in sales, marketing and public relations.  So Joanne asked him if he’d critique her business and give her advice on how she might improve it.  She led him through the elements of her business, and while he was learning about that, he began to understand the benefits of the Shaklee business model.

“I had never encountered a company that had opted out of the retail store model of distribution,” Terry recalls.  “I learned that the Shaklee company preferred to partner with independent affiliates who knew and loved their products.  It was totally opposite from the way I had been brought up in business.  But it really made sense to me.”

The contrast hit Terry right between the eyes.  All of the companies he had worked for had only one CEO, and everyone worked to make him or her successful and wealthy.  The Shaklee business model was different – everyone could be their own CEO and could work hard for their own wealth and success.  To him, it was a mind-bending revelation with fascinating possibilities.

Joanne took Terry to a Shaklee convention, where he ran into a member of the Army Aviation Association of America – the company for which Terry worked!  And all around him were others – bankers, executives and lawyers who had either retired into Shaklee, or were doing it on the side for the challenge and extra benefits.

When it was time to retire from corporate America, Terry knew what he’d be doing to occupy himself – he got on board Shaklee and things took off.  Along the way, he fell in love with his mentor, Joanne, and two married.  Terry’s been at it now since 1996, and still finds a thrill in it all.

“He was my best recruit,” Joanne says.  “Probably because he’s a walking testimony to the difference Shaklee products have made in his health and lifestyle.”

Shaklee Milestones

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