Dr Forrest C Shaklee
Dr Forrest C Shaklee
Shaklee's Founder
T Coakley and J Nistico
Terry Coakley and Joanne Nistico
Master Coordinators
The Golden Rule Orginization
Roger Barnett
Roger Barnett
Shaklee Corporation
Owner and CEO

The Golden Rule Organization

“We can show you how to live the life of your dreams!”

The Golden Rule Organization (GRO) is one of the nation’s top distributors of Shaklee health, home and beauty products. The company is dedicated to distributing these effective, all-natural and environmentally safe products, as well as sharing its passion for Shaklee by helping others become independent Shaklee entrepreneurs.

GRO is owned and operated by Joanne Nistico and Terry Coakley, a husband-and-wife team from Virginia with almost 50 combined years of Shaklee experience. GRO is a member of one of Shaklee’s top ten income earners.

The Golden Rule Organization has achieved the highest level of success as an independent Skaklee affiliate for two reasons: First, Joanne and Terry use the products themselves and believe in their effectiveness, and secondly because they are passionate about sharing the products and the opportunities that Shaklee offers to its affiliates.

Two Ways to Thrive

Perhaps you're interested in Shaklee products strictly for your own use. You wish to purchase them for the health benefits they will bring to you and your family. You can order them directly through the Golden Rule Organization. But there's another way to enjoy Shaklee products – as an independent affiliate like Joanne and Terry. Either way, the Golden Rule Organization is ready to help you. Whether you're ordering products for your own use, sharing them with others for Co-op benefits or building your own Shaklee business, the Golden Rule Organization will escort you into the nation's largest and most successful producer of natural, environmentally friendly health and home products.

Why Supplement?


    more energy, stress relief, prevent mood swings and irritability, fewer aches and pains, restful sleep at night


    Slow down the aging process, healthy, glowing skin and hair, lose weight


    Colds & flu, Chronis diseases, e.g., heart disease & cancer


    Do the things you love to do with ease and pleasure


    Eating on the run, Nutrient-poor fast food and processed food


    We don’t follow the Food Guide Pyramid, Too much fat, too little fiber, inadequate intake of critical nutrients

Shaklee Products at a Glance

Shaklee products are based on well-researched NUTRITIONAL NEEDS studies.

Watch some video clips to learn more.

Shaklee Affiliate Benefitshome_beach_lounge

  • Fund a new home or college education
  • Build a retirement you can count on
  • Gain access to unlimited income
  • World-class travel
  • Freedom over your time and money
  • Help others live a better life
  • Protect the environment by promoting earth-safe products

The Area We Server

As a Shaklee representative, you can sell anywhere in your local area... anywhere in the country! The Golden Rule Organization serves customers, members, distributors and has branch offices in MA, CT, NY, PA, OH, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, MI, SD, TN . No matter where you are we can give you excellent service.

For clients that live locally to Warrenton and are interested in purchasing Shaklee products or marketing them to your own clients, we can always meet and consult with you in person. We serve areas of Alexandria, Amissville, Arlington, Centreville, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Gainesville, Haymarket, Manassas, Vienna and Warrenton.

Shaklee Quick Facts

  • Why Shaklee?

    Clinical proof that the supplements break down and get into the bloodstream in time for them to work
  • Shaklee Products are Bioavailable

    Product choices based on science not risky trends

    All products label claims based on peer-reviewed, clinical studies proving effectiveness and safety not on hearsay, testimony, or anecdotal evidence
  • Scientific Integrity

    Product choice based on science not risky trends

    All product label claims based on peer-reviewed, clinical studies proving effectiveness and safety not on hearsay, testimony, or anecdotal evidence

    Correct dosage of key ingredients in every product
  • Finest Raw Ingredients

    As many as 176 tests on raw ingredients alone to insure purity, potency and safety

    No trace of pesticides or herbicides allowed in any raw ingredients

    No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or binders
  • Worldwide Reputation

    Leader in the field of nutritional research for over 50 years
  • Shaklee Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with any product, you may return it for a full refund…no questions, no conditions

Try our multi-vitamin mineral product. As a consumer member, you can Join Shaklee for $19.95, and receive a discount on all Shaklee products.