An Income Opportunity for You

Perhaps you've already tried Shaklee products for yourself and know the benefits they bring to healthy living. Now you're ready to spread the word through your own Shaklee business. When you become a Shaklee affiliate, you're your own boss. It's your business, and all the room to grow it is yours. The products speak for themselves; the company's reputation is golden. So take your passion and grow it into a business that will blossom and meet your family's needs for a lifetime.

income_GoldandCoinsYou're never alone when you become a Shaklee affiliate. Your supervisory team, JEN Associates, is right there with you, helping you start, teaching you what you need to grow, cheering you on and leading you to success. Later you'll pass along your expertise to other affiliates, and your organization will grow as you help those you bring into Shaklee. As they succeed, so will you.

It's easy to start your own Shaklee business. The company has done all the start-up work for you. You can start off small and see where it takes you, or you can give it all you have and make it your full-time occupation.

To learn more about business opportunities with Shaklee, click the link below and you'll be taken to the JEN Associates's Shaklee business introduction page. You'll find all the information you need right there.

Shaklee 101 -- How Shaklee Works

The Shaklee Corporation has been producing the world's top-rated products for more than 50 years. Though they are not required to, the company exhaustively tests all of its products through clinical trials. All of their ingredients are natural. All products are made in the U.S. or Canada. So it all begins with effective, well-tested products that make life better for people.

But how does Shaklee get those products into the hands of customers?

Rather than spend corporate profits on commercial advertising and marketing, and wholesale/retail mark-ups (the traditional distribution model), Shaklee chooses to invest that money into rewarding its affiliates for the products they distribute and the success of other people they coach in their own businesses. Joanne and Terry parent these underling businesses, sharing the secrets they've learned. Shaklee pioneered this concept, which often is called "network marketing" or "direct marketing," long before other companies realized its benefit.

"It's not a pyramid business," Joanne and Terry are quick to point out. "Pyramid businesses don't really work because the person higher up is always trying to get someone else to do the work. In Shaklee everyone works hard and everyone benefits, including the parent company. This product marketing model has worked for 50 years for Shaklee, and the company has a half-century track record of never missing a paycheck. How many companies that rely on the traditional marketing strategy can claim that?"

The Benefits

Joanne and Terry have built significant income for themselves by sharing products they love and helping others do the same. The benefits successful Shaklee representatives enjoy also include world travel bonuses, company cars and other tangible rewards. And there are excellent tax benefits, since home-based business expenses are fully deductible.opportunity_pic

"For us, the best benefit of all is that we get to help other people," Joanne says. "Our business is about helping others. Their lives are better because of what we do, and that's a reward you just can't put a price on."

  • Fund a new home or college education
  • Build a retirement you can count on
  • Gain access to unlimited income
  • World-class travel
  • Freedom over your time and money
  • Help others live a better life
  • Protect the environment by promoting earth-safe products

Did You Know? What Shaklee Offers

  • Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company.
  • Our exceptional products—backed by more than $250 million in research, development, and clinical testing—also provide a solid earning opportunity
  • To date, we have paid more than $5 billion in commissions.
  • Let us show you how, in 15 months, you can drive a new car, earn up to $100,000, qualify for world travel, and start achieving the life of your dreams.

How You Can Join

  • There will always be a place for consumers who just want to buy Shaklee products because they are safe and effective. They pay retail prices for those products from the JEN Associates.
  • The company gives discounts to those who take it a little further and join Shaklee.
  • For $19.95, consumer members can buy the products for themselves at a discount.
  • There are those who want to join the buying Co-op for $39.95 to share better health with others who can receive Co-op purchasing bonuses.
  • Those who see the opportunity for personal financial benefit join Shaklee and become actively involved in sharing the products and opportunity with others. This is called the Gold Membership and provides Career income and benefits. These affiliates not only get to order at the greatest discount, receive Co-op bonuses and differentials, but also get passive income from the people they nurture in their businesses.
There will always be a place for consumers who just want to buy Shaklee products because they are safe
and effective. They pay retail prices for those products from the Golden Rule Organization.