Products the Way Nature Intended

It's no accident that Shaklee is the leading natural nutrition company in the U.S. Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee set the company in that direction in 1915 when he invented one of the world's first natural vitamin and mineral supplements. Since then, the company has looked to nature for natural, safe and effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals, toxic household cleaners and skin care products.

Shaklee has invested more than $250 million in research, clinical testing and product development. Every year it conducts more than 83,000 tests to insure product quality. It has published over 100 scientific papers in respected journals. The result is a line of all-natural products to foster good health, and to help you live and look better. And Shaklee products respect the earth from which they came – Shaklee was green long before green was in demand! For example, just compare Shaklee's Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate to well-known household cleansers that are made of toxic substances that hurt the earth.

Shaklee products are based on well-researched NUTRITIONAL NEEDS studies – Explore our RESOURCE CENTER for your personal needs.

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Your experience with Shaklee begins with its products. Try them. See for yourself what millions of people around the world have discovered – that nature had it right from the beginning. Shaklee products will stand up to your own intelligent analysis and win you over. The entire Shaklee marking model is based on customers who are amazed with our products, believe in their benefits and spread the word.

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Shaklee products are not sold in any store. You can only get them through a Shaklee representative, like the JEN Associates. By buying direct and becoming a consumer member, Shaklee cuts out the middleman and passes along the savings to its customers. Just click the link below and you'll be taken to Golden Rule's Shaklee products order page.

The Shaklee Difference

  • Shaklee Corporation has invested over 250 million in Research & Development

    and has been a leader in the field of nutrition for over 50 years. Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US. More people use Shaklee's multivitamin, Vita-Lea, than any other natural multi. Many companies are now producing natural products, but are they clinically proven safe and effective?

  • Shaklee performs over 83,000 separate tests each year on the nutritional products alone.

    These tests are done to ensure product purity, safety for both short and long-term use, and effectiveness. Shaklee uses food nutrients as opposed to synthetic, man-made ones. They test for over 400 different pesticide residues that may be carried from other fields by wind and water to their organically grown crops. Lead and mercury are also found in many nutritional supplements on the market today, especially in omega 3 oils. Studies show that these heavy metals may adversely affect brain and nervous system health. Government regulations for the vitamin/herbal industry are minimal. There are no mandatory requirements for the testing of many harmful chemicals that are often left behind on nutritional products during the manufacturing process. Shaklee tests every single batch of product, during every single phase of manufacturing, to ensure that the final product is safe, pure, and effective.

  • Clinical studies done on Shaklee's products have been published in world respected, peer-reviewed medical, nutritional, and scientific journals over 100 times.

    Shaklee Corporation is the only nutrition company that is submitting clinical studies to these journals for review and publication on a routine basis.